GSEA 2023
2023 turned out to be a productive year and was of the particular importance in the company development of Alba Vertu, with regards to both formation of a full-fledged team as well as its professional recognition by experts of the business world.

The project leader, Daria Durneva, participated in the international competition for young entrepreneurs GSEA that every year gathering driven talents from all over the world to pitch their startups in the competition for the title of GSEA Global Champion.

Daria became the winner at the national level of the competition and entered the top-6 student entrepreneurs in Europe at the regional stage of the contest.

The opened opportunities of international networking, experts’ feedback and project assessments once again contributed to the crystallization of the vision of the project future.
For us as a team this is truly a victory with a capital V. The support of the business community is incredibly encouraging and makes it clear that we are moving in the right direction.
Daria Durneva, Co-Founder of Alba Vertu
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