Localizable Production Systems
Our in-house biofactories provide a sustainable solution for the textile industry by localizing the production of fibers. This globally scalable model facilitates logistics and reduces their costs, as well as ensuring the supply stability of our clients. The system also guarantees a stable production even against any climatic or pandemic circumstances the world may face.

What makes the system sustainable in every aspect is the individual installation modeling according to each client’s requirements and production needs, alongside the custom output productivity adjustments.
Our spider silk-based material has the potential to replace common synthetic fabrics as a more durable and sustainable alternative.

The material’s biodegradability contributes to a cleaner future for our world’s oceans and soil, while the bacterial production system guarantees source renewability and product quality.

"Leading the way to the textile manufacturing sustainability by featuring fibers’ resource bases in-house. We aim to review the standard approach to the fiber production, providing eco alternatives to oil-based synthetics with unbelievably vast variety of bio technologies."
Daria Durneva
Co-founder, Project Leader
Meet our team of young specialists.

Our Team
Daria Durneva
Co-founder,  Project Leader
Al-Abbass Mohamed
Co-founder, Head of Technology
Sergey Shestakov
Biotech Developer
Leading Engineer
Nairouz Deeb
Biotech Developer
Georgy Otinov
“The diversity of talents in our team allows us to achieve the prototype of our envisioned factories.”
Al-Abbass Mohamed Head of Technology
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